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Strategies to Learn How to do Day TradingStrategies to Learn How to do Day Trading

The best day trading strategy would be the Market Opening Gap strategy. As the name suggests, day trading essentially refers to a method in which a single investor, usually a day trader, opens and exits positions within a single trading vehicle throughout the day but, more importantly, does not hold any open positions at night. Although this is a widely employed strategy for full-time traders, it is also used by short-term investors who are looking to increase their returns by earning small profits overnight and who also want to minimize risk.

A market trading strategy that has been developed through decades of observation and trial-and-error is called a Last Chance Investment strategy. A day trading Strategy that consistently under-performs is called a Bull Market Strategy.

One of the most common forms of day-trading strategy is called the Day Trading Strategy that involves opening and closing positions in the same direction …