Apps for Apple’s product’s

Mobile technology applications for Apple iPad provide fun away from work, but, when duty calls, several productivity programs also exist for Apple iPad.

Mobile Technology Applications for Apple's iPad

Possibly mobile technology applications for Apple iPad will find even greater popularity on Apple’s tablet computer than they do on the cell phones or iPod Touch. If true, we’re likely to find an ever increasing number of mobile app developers getting rich over the next decade.

Mobile Technology Applications for Apple iPad Include Popular Board and Card Games

The range of popular board and card game constitute a large percent of the mobile phone applications for Apple iPad. For this report, testing was limited to apps costing less than $10. In fact, most applications sampled were available for free download. Users can then choose to eliminate frequent, sometimes annoying advertisements by purchasing an upgrade.
Among the board games sampled on an Apple iPad 32 Gb WiFi:

  • Cribbage HD
  • NY Times Crosswords
  • Euchre 3D Lite
  • Game Table
  • Hearts Solo
  • Scrabble
  • iChess Pro
  • Word Warp
  • Words With Friends

Many, but not all mobile technology applications for Apple’s iPad will run on the Apple iPod Touch. Several of these games were checked by playing an opponent using a 32 Gb iPod Touch.

Each game was found to play without flaw during tests conducted during the week ending April. The free versions consistently ran advertising that, frankly, detracted enough from play that, if the game was found entertaining enough, it was purchased for its rather nominal charge.

Productivity Mobile Technology Applications for Apple iPad Spiking App Development

Apple iPad may be providing economic stimulus that will be welcome to many application developers, according to and article by Nicholas Kolakowski. In Apple iPad May Be Causing Spike in App Development posted on E Week, Kolakowski wrote, Apple’s iPad tablet PC may be causing a spike in third-party developers building apps for the iPhone OS, according to mobile analytics company Flurry. He went on to explain that although Google Android and Apple iPhone were battling to a more or less draw in mid-winter, the January announcement of iPad by Apple appeared to be a game changing.

Kolakowski went on to inform his readers of Apple’s boast that 140,000 applications would be available when iPad launched.

In the article, “Much-Awaited Apple iPad Hits US on Saturday” by Glenn Chapman claimed the boast had been fulfilled, stating, “runs almost all of the over 150,000 applications for the iPod Touch and iPhone available in Apple’s App Store.”

A number of productivity applications available for Apple’s iPad, including Apple’s Keynote, Pages and Numbers. Although the iPad comes equipped with Safari, an alternate split-screen web browser with text editor, Split Pea, is available. A test using Split Pea was conducted to verify that text prepared using it was able to be published on suite101. Posting articles using Apple’s Safari does not succeed, while using Split Pea does.