Times change and knowledge too

Android application development has grown up and got develop inside most recent couple of years, relatively every business or associations taking help of android applications to advance their item and administrations to their potential clients. There was a time when knowledge of programming language was mandatory if the designer wanted to develop any mobile application. Nowadays the advent of Android has changed the scenario completely. The process of developing any Android Mobile application has been made as simple and easy as possible. There are hardly any complexities related to the technicalities. This has made it so easy for the developer to develop Android applications that he/she can complete the task without going into the nitty-gritty of any programming language. Now, more complicated is a process of it’s promotion, so you also should think about how to get app review company or team. You need to understand that promotion process – is a 80% of success in the mobile app market.

Android App Development

If you wish to get your business or brand on android gadgets with the assistance of android application improvement, at that point you may require proficient and talented android application engineers to achieve this undertaking easily. There is nothing better than to hire professional android developers for your application as it will be cost effective. When the developer takes up the task of developing an Android mobile application he/she is facilitates with one of the easiest software development kit (SDK) to handle. The SDK is such that the Android application that you develop is going to be compatible with the platform and operating system of the Android phones. The Open Handset Alliance group lead by Google is the designer and developer of Android. Google, the world’s leading search engine, wants to create a niche for itself in the world of smart phones. The reason behind this is the fact that more and more people day by day try to access the internet through the mobile phones that they have. Google has a unique marketing strategy and believes in open sourcing. The Android platform is also open source. This means that the application developer need not spend a fortune to have the tools and resources for developing an Android application. This brings down drastically the investment needed for developing an application for the Android phone.

If one wants to develop and Android application the use of Android SDK is mandatory. Without Android SDK one cannot develop any Android application. Android is a group of software packages that are needed for developing a Android application. Android includes the key or major applications, the operations system (OS) and the middleware. The Android SDK also included the resources especially the tools and the APIs that are needed for Android application development. If you want to start Android application development on the platform of Android then you have to start first with the Java programming language which is much easy in comparison to other programming languages. The resources included in the Android SDK are class libraries, application framework, and other packages. The application developer has to download and install the Android SDK. The developers has to set up the PATH environment variable too.

The Android platform being open source the application developer has accesses to the latest applications. The developer can also have accesses to device hardware, location information, services related to operating background, addition of the status bar notifications, and the setting of the alarms.

The developer can have accesses to the core applications, download them and use them to create new and better applications. The developer needs to know about dragging and dropping the codes for developing the Android application.

You have chosen to higher android application engineer, however don’t recognize what things to be considered when you interview them.


  • First and most important things one should see is, information android SDK and other android programming skills! It is must to see whether the designer has solid information of SDK and android programming or not as accomplishment of your android application is intensely depended from engineer’s essentials of android.
  • Don’t overlook work portfolio! Simply request work portfolio from the programmer and see his/her past work, what sort of uses engineer has made in past and so on. It won’t just assist you with seeing engineer’s abilities of android application advancement yet additionally let you know his/her specialized topic and aptitudes.
  • Consider working knowledge as key when you are looking android application engineer! An accomplished programmer can easy take care of any issues or issues emerges amid advancement of your android application as they have long periods of involvement in same and may mindful about issues that emerge amid improvement.
  • As for references and their recent client’s list! You should get some comments from previous workplaces. This can help you to know more about his/her working experience and character.
  • Verify their capabilities of working on deadlines! It is must that programmer that you hiring finish work at given measure of time, so check this from their past work.
  • Great communication skills are must! It is important for developer to have great command and communications skills and be able to solve different command conflicts.


In this way, these are some basic things one ought to consider when they contract android designer for their android application improvement.