Cross-platform development

Here we get to know about cross-platform mobile application development services which can enhance your overall reach to the target audiences. Companies using mobile application development services are on the rise with new and novel concepts that are being invented in order to capture the niche market of the mobile application industry. To add to this business, cross-platform mobile application development is one such thing which is fast catching up with the masses.

Mobile Applications

Before this feature of cross-platform mobile application development came into existence, there was a steep downfall in this particular industry. For example, the applications which were developed for the Android smartphones did not work out for the iPhone smartphone handsets. The fundamental of iPhone and android application development remains the same. But the applications which were developed by using MAC OS did not suit the Android handset. Such incompatibility was considered a major hurdle in the field of mobile application development field. If any website owners wished to develop mobile applications for his website than he has to get it done for different platforms separately. This proved to be very costly.

Hence the cross-platform mobile application development came as a solution to this problem. Different resources are available in the market for mobile application developers for this very purpose.

One such type is Rho mobile development which is based on ruby framework extremely beneficial to the developers for cross-platform mobile applications. By using this particular framework the developers can develop mobile applications that are compatible and get-along with other mobile platforms too. You can say that it is an open source application framework which is known as Rhode. Here in starting the developers just have to write the starting or initial code. After that this initial code is converted into suitable application code by the framework which makes the site compatible to all operating systems and platforms.

Phone gap development is another type of cross-platform mobile application development were the developers go on developing applications for the Blackberry, Android, Palm, Symbian and iPhone. The languages used are JavaScript and HTML for cross-platform mobile applications development.
In Titanium development, which is another type of cross-platform mobile application development, the developers can develop applications for desktop, tablet and mobile. Usage of languages includes JavaScript, HTML, PHP, etc.

Here below, we are going to see some of the most basic tips in terms of usability and helps to create most interactive and effective cross-platform mobile applications.

  • Key aspect of designing mobile website with improved usability is to identify your target audience! It is must for designers to know what actually their users expecting from them and what they usually look for in mobile web sites. Try to collect some survey or get feedbacks from potential users and get to know their needs & deeds in-depth. Once you find the nerves of your users and their area of interest, you can think further about designing mobile web.
  • Accessibility is key factor to consider improving usability! Always offer seamless and smooth navigation within your mobile website to get improved usability of your mobile web design.
  • Make it easy for mobile users to access contents or information within your mobile website. It is must to offer quick and easy access to contents of the mobile web.
  • Always try to make everything compact! Mobile screen resolutions are far tiny compare to traditional PC or laptop. So, it becomes more crucial to optimize everything within your mobile website to make it easy viewable and accessible from any kind of mobile devices. One should always optimize the contents, images, links, URL and many more for effective and usable mobile website.
  • Background colors and other combinations should be in a way to make it easy for users to view contents even in day light. It will help to improve usability for sure.
  • Test, test and test! Do proper testing of your mobile website in order to check its usability and effectiveness.

So, these are some of the very basic tips which mobile web designers should incorporate in their mobile web design to improve its usability.

The above discussed cross-platform of mobile application development is the mainly used types by the developers, however there are other resources as well in the market. But at present the demand for such cross-platform applications are not as high as individual platform applications. If business people start using this feature than they would get many benefits out of it in terms of money, popularity and greater exposure